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Where I can be found more often than here

I know I don't update very often these days. I'm going to try to work on that. In case I improve, here's where else I can be found on the web. I update these places more often:

I do have a tumblelog but I'm just using it for stuff about a project I have going. It's not very interesting yet, as progress is slow.

My web content activities have become spread out over more services and systems. They're more specialized, more proprietary services. I tweet short stuff, blog long stuff, share web stuff with Reader and social stuff with Facebook. for music. Except for the music I listen to on Youtube, along with videos, that get shared to my Facebook stream. Flickr for photos, and they end up on my Google Profile. Oh, but  put them on Facebook too, for the friends and family to see them.

The privacy implications? Yeah, it's a little scary how much of me is out there.  But I'm more worried about the fragmentation! I feel diluted and spread all over the place.

I may go back to simpler internet habits: hermitize my profiles and wring out a plain old HTML essay or two. That would be satisfying.

In a Land of Plenty

Very, very good full-length history documentary about New Zealand's economic and political reform through the late '80s and early '90s. Highly recommended:

It's weird for me watching this, as I grew up watching the evening news and seeing these faces, these things happening. But, of course, when I saw them then they were the strange adults talking about serious things on the telly. So a detailed look at broader themes of what was going on is fascinating for me.

Also, Phil Goff had some sweet glasses in the early '90s.

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