Archived News for January 2009

Happy New Year!

I managed to trade in my Digidesign 001 recording interface for a brand spanking new 003 Rack Factory with Music Production Toolkit. It was a bit of a mission getting the paperwork in order, but I'm super happy. This included a free update to Protools 8, which I've downloaded, but haven't managed to install yet so that'll be a cool late Chirstmas present when I can get it installed.

I also got a new guitar for Christmas (partly from myself, partly from Laura). Its a Fender Richie Sambora signature Stratocaster. 1996, Lake placid blue, rosewood neck, Floyd Rose double locking tremolo, humbucker in the bridge. I'll get some photos up when I can.

Lately I've been working a lot on Glenns helicoper game. He's aiming for a release pretty soon. We've got a domain,, so it'll go up over there when it's done. The first release will be for Linux, Mac OS X and PSP. Should be good.

Quake Live

I just got my beta code for Quake Live. This should be interesting.

Edit: it is awesome. I love the detailed profile statistics. I love the matchmaking. It's going to be a winner at LANs. Oh, and I have two invites to the beta to give away. Let me know if you'd like one.

Awesome Internet Bitchslap

In the comments for this on Ana of Sideswipe's blog, Spare Room:

  • Biscuit says: 

    Heh. Since kids learn to speak by imitation, I’d love to hear what octave mom hits when in full flight.

  • Tanya Wicht says: 

    She is trying to sing “Hot potato” by The Wiggles. You can also hear the mother in the background, Mom sounds average.

  • Biscuit says: 

    Ah I see. My possessing a set of non-gushing ovaries has let me down in identifying a children’s band from a 1 year olds incoherent babble.

    I’ll go back to offering chickens to Satan.

Sucky UI

On the internet, clicking on a photo should make it bigger. That's what users expect. It's been the de facto standard for over a decade.

Clicking on a photo should not whisk the user away from the photo they were looking at. I'm looking at you Facebook Photos and (At least has the courtesy to set the title text on the link.)


Glenn and I are coming up on the second release of our game, version 0.02. We've been managing the project through Assembla, which is amazing. Make sure you check the codetactics site for updates on that.

I'm going to start documenting my SSL compressor control project, so I've made a project page for that. Once I get started, it'll have all the design, and requirements etc. Should be cool.

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