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Anonymous/Legion, Auckland Chapter

Anonymous were back on the streets of Auckland today, sticking it to Scientology and to a bemused Kiwi public. One of them had a sign that read "we're from the internet". Fantastic.

I told one of them to ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH. He said "thanks".

Industry Best Practice

Ever notice that when somebody says "industry best practice" they often mean "standard practice", but they want you to think they mean "best practice"? There's often a large difference between the best way to do something and the way everybody else does it. Why pretend otherwise?

It's useless jargon, consultant talk. If the standard way to do something is preferable, that'll be easy to see; there's no need to sell it.


It's been ages since I posted an update! I haven't done much on my projects, unfortunately. But what I have done is play some Playstation :P Ratchet and Clank: Quest For Booty was amazing. Laura and I 100percented Lego Indiana Jones which was awesome. I played the demo for the new Civilization game and I'm super keen to grab it - I'm just afraid I'll like it too much.

Someone on The Internet is Wrong

Here's an article. Here's my first thoughts. And here's where the real discussion begins.

Needless to say, it's an emotive subject. Bringing up Bayesian inference isn't really as effective as you might expect when you're talking about something people feel so strongly about. It's just a shame that people can be so secure in their conclusions, convictions and rhetoric that they won't examine their arguments for the same.

In this case, I think the author is broadly correct. But I don't think the author's arguments are. And I think to ignore that would be doing a disservice to the correct conclusions reached.

Bound Stems

Bound Stems are severely awesome. I got into them through their last album, Appreciation Night (2006), and especially the killer track "Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone".

Their new album, The Family Afloat is really, really good. Highly recommended. Given that Amazon hasn't got their shit together for MP3 downloads yet*, your best bet to get your hands on a copy is

*: I hate regional lockout. It costs them no more to deliver an MP3 to New Zealand than it does to send it anywhere else in the world. The only reason they do it so that they can keep reaming us with $35 CDs.

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