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Emergency Mode

Ever dial 111 from your mobile phone?

I did tonight, to report some street fighting. My phone went into "emergency mode", in which the menus are disabled, and the only number you can dial is 111. It disables the power button, and there's also an option to show your phone number without ending the call or going into a menu, which I'd imagine might be useful for reporting to emergency services should they hit a technical problem.

Emergency mode also uses any available signal that the phone can use, regardless of programming, or who operates the network.

German Moon Base Alpha

This is the new best site on the internet:

It's all true. We never went to the Moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never set foot on Mare Tranquilitatus. They filmed it all on a soundstage in Nevada's Area 51. Stanley Kubrick directed, slowing down the film speed to make it look like the astronauts were walking in low gravity. He used the same techniques he developed for his movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, which "coincidentally" came out in 1968, the same year that NASA claimed to send Apollo 8 around the moon. But Kubrick was forced to do it, and so he left clues in the photographs. If you look at them closely you can see that some of the shadows do not match up and there are other inconsistencies. The flags wave when there is no air. There are no blast craters under the lunar landers. Kubrick was a master filmmaker and he would not have been so sloppy with his art—he would have put the blast craters there and he would not have allowed the flags to wave. But perhaps he was trying to tell us something, provided we are smart enough to recognize it. Maybe that is why he died under mysterious circumstances in 1999.

Or, maybe he was 70, and died of a heart attack. Who knows? Certainly not me! Make your own mind up at German Moon Base Alpha


I've finished mixing the 3 tracks for Taken By The Silence! I guess the last song will uploaded to their myspace in the next couple of days.

I've actually done some work on some of my other projects as well. I built a power supply for my balancing boards - I build a +-15V and 48V supply based on schematics from JLM Audio. I'll put the power supply in a box tomorrow and give it a project page of its own. But I did fire up one of my balancing boards using it, and everything worked fine! I took some measurements using RMAA and I'm pretty impressed with the results. I'll upload more information about that as I get time.

As well as mounting the power supply in a box, I'm planning on mounting more parts of my SSL compressor in it's box tomorrow as well. It should be productive and I should have lots to report on Monday!

I've been working on programming a game with my mate Glenn. I'm really enjoying it. It's a helicopter arcade type thing. It's cool to collaborate on something like this, I've been meaning to write a game for a while. We're focusing on making it multiplatform, and have so far got it working on Mac, Linux, and PSP. Windows is planned, and should be too much trouble. I'll post more information about this as we develop it - watch this space!

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