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Hey everybody! -side note to Dom: apparently Safari doesn't let the news edit toolbar thingy work- I'm in Germany. Been here four weeks today, but it doesn't seem that long at all. Christmas and New Years is almost done and dusted, one more celebration tomorrow with family from somewhere else.

Had the best New Years I've had for a while, the last two having consisted of drinking fizzy drink and playing cards with the family. This time around, I got to hang out with friends, drink cool German bubbly, go up a big snow covered hill and watch sky rockets being let off in the village, at the castle and the ones we let off. Not just fireworks baby, fucking sky rockets.

Christmas was different. It was nice and all. I got excited, because I always do at Christmas time because I just do. I don't know, I've always loved Christmas. This year was weird though. I guess because I wasn't home and to me, home is a big part of Christmas. But it was cool, we did cool German Christmassy things and its something I'll always remember.

We went to Berlin for a few days which was pretty cool. Hit all the touristy spots; the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Checkpoint Charlie, the Sony Centre, KaDeWe, the TV Tower, bits of the old Berlin Wall, the World Clock. Pretty cool city. Didn't have time to see Cafe Moskau or a holocaust museum unfortunately, but it gives me something to do when I come back I guess. Sightseeing in -5 is an interesting experience, too. Autobahns are great. Took us 9 hours on the road there and back plus stop offs, but it felt like driving from the Shore to Botany Downs. We went 120-140 kph the whole way, with one period of 100 because of the snow. Very cool.

Its very hard to believe its 2006. Its a year ago today that my grandmother passed away. Still can't quite realise that she's not there. I've only got 3 weeks and about 4 days left here, doesn't seem like long enough!

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Good Luck to those of you waiting on NCEA results and I'll see you soon.


PS: You can see what I'm up to at or drop me a line at [email protected]


Alyx, a solution for the Safari thing isn't going to be coming any time soon: I have no access to an Apple computer. It should work for Firefox on the mac, as that's platform independant. I'll also have a look on Konqueror in Feb (they use the same rendering engine).

We're in Queenstown at the moment. It's nice, but quite expensive compared to some places we've stayed at. The itinerary so far has been Christchurch to Darfield, to Methven, to Geraldine, to Fairlie, to Lake Tekapo, to Twizel, a sky dive then to Omarama, up (and down) Lindis pass to Tarras (home of Shrek the sheep), then, passing through Cromwell, on to Queenstown.

Trav just ditched Tom and I to head for Dunedin (and Emma?). We saw him when we were in the bus back from the Nevis Gorge where we did the (big) bungy. There was a note in the tent. So, from here Tom and I are going to leave tomorrow for Dunedin, taking the old railway route from Clyde to Middlemarch.


Well, we're now in Dunedin. In the Arc Bar, actually. We haven't met up with Trav yet, mainly because we're in no hurry to. Let's see: a day and a half from Queenstown to Dunedin he reckons? Well, that'd be taking the road the whole way and not actually seeing anything. Not exactly our idea of a holiday.

Anyway, we went down the Central Otago Rail Trail, and it was pretty awesome; some great bridges and a few tunnels along the way, even if the trail was a little rocky at times. More later maybe.

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