Farewell, friends

Farewell, friends

On Friday I board the Cap Beatrice, a Hamburg Sud freight ship which should take me through the Panama Canal to Philadelphia.  After that I have only vague ideas about what I may do, probably including New York and Oregon and anarchist communes.  Many of you who could care about this already know it and came to my going away party on the weekend: thank you for coming, it really meant much to me.

Right now I am trawling through project gutenburg, picking up some serious reading for the trip, which should take about four weeks.  Tonight I saw and greatly enjoyed The Last Station, and so I've downloaded War and Peace and Anna Karenina.  Also Proust, and a few texts which aren't massively long.

Also on the list of things to do while at sea are write some more and finish updating jimmy.  Then there are the onboard gym and table tennis table, and I found out today that at least one other passenger will be boarding at Auckland, so my fear of cabin fever is somewhat alleviated.

And, well, it'll be something of an adventure, I hope.  I don't know when I'll come back to New Zealand, but I won't forget all the great friends I have here: I won't be able to stay away forever.

Love to you all,