Windows 7 and TrustedInstaller

Windows 7 and TrustedInstaller

So this probably isn't the best idea to override the system setting (it probably has a use right?), however i dont like notepad and i like something better like notepad2. So here is how you override the annoying as hell TrustedInstaller permissions that stop you from doing fun things to windows core files:

  1. Open a command prompt with admin privilage
  2. Take ownership of notepad.exe: takeown /F c:\windows\system32\notepad.exe
  3. Change the security settings so you have full access to notepad.exe: cacls c:\windows\system32\notepad.exe /G <username>:F

Things to note:

  • If you get a virus, its now quite easy for it to over write notepad.exe to a virus (but i'm guessing it could use the above process anyway)
  • As per usual, backup the original, just incase the proverbial hits the fan

Thank is all.



The thing that stops a virus from doing this in the first place is the fact it requires admin privileges. Once a malicious program has that, it can do pretty much whatever it likes.

Are you sure you can't just take ownership using the GUI? In older versions of Windows, you had to enable advanced file sharing to see the full security properties and take ownership; dunno if that's the same for 7.
Sadly not,

Administrator group only had read/execute options which is pretty lame. It gives a lot of the core files (including start up sounds) Full access to TrustedInstaller and limited to everyone else.

This apparently came out with Vista and looks like its gone to windows 7 also. That and i don't think its actually a group, more a user, from what i can tell.
Yeah, but the admin user can take ownership through the GUI, was my point.
Just saying, you can get there through the GUI but it's a pain in the a$$. Also, I think that's how I disabled my Diagnostic Policy Service; so you may want to remember the things you usurp... 'cause that's what I'm doing, trying to find out what the stupid thing should be running... :)
How does one undo this if you have done this.. just incase.... tx.
I've just been messing around with this, trying to edit the logon background, and you can change your permissions through the item's properties if you change ownership of the file to your user account. For some reason it lets you do this, and once you do, Trusted Installer no longer controls it.
Only the trusteduser can delete the default wallpapers, all 40megs of them. Dam stupid it is.
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Rafi Canales
Ummm. OK.
This was a very useful post. I'm so frustrated by this stupid bloody feature that I vow to do my utmost to undermine Microsoft in every way possible. They cannot leave well enough alone. Most of the problems with virus' are their fault anyway.