A natural extension of sites like, provides the general case. With a pretty attractive interface, and a good sense of humour*, I think I'll be using it quite often.

* — they've thought of everything!



Do you ever notice that it's down and not accessible (which is kinda ironic?). I also found to be more reliable and works with URLS and not just top level domains (i.e.

I think these sites can become useful tools.
Yeah, I think the recent downtime was related to them moving to the Google Apps platform. So, they should have pretty solid reliability now.

One thing I don't like about is that they use a POST form. So, you can't link to the test results page, which is often what you want to do (when responding to somebodies question, for instance).
An improvement idea for them: change the favicon depending on the result of the test. Currently, a successful test is accompanied by a down arrow. Confusing...