Barcamp Auckland 2

Barcamp Auckland 2

Don't know if I'll be able to resist live-blogging this. All the cool kids are doing it (via Twitter, I guess)

I went to:

  • Mike Cochrane's talk on distributed microblogging.
    • Pretty interesting. I think I'll start microblogging only once I can build a standard implementation of it into my own sites (like I did with OpenID and this site).
  • Steven Ellis' talk on trac.
    • I've never really liked trac, but do I really like the idea of pulling active, assigned tickets into Eclipse with Mylin.
  • Mike's talk on OpenID and the Open Social Graph.
    • Quickly turned into cost-benefit analysis of OpenID itself. Kinda got out of hand.
  • Richard Vowles on Groovy and Grails.
    • Interesting because I got to see Java guys' reactions to things that are fairly commonplace in the languages most people use to do web development.
    • prepared statements -> not susceptible to SQL injection. But that doesn't mean: not using prepared statements -> susceptible to SQL injection.
  • Show and tell
  • Mike's talk on mobile/cellphone tech.

Oh, and look. It's 0.017 seconds of me!



Can't believe I'm high up the Google rankings for barcamp auckland 2 at the moment. And my OpenID implementation is borked.

Typical. And embarrassing! I'll fix it tomorrow, I promise.
Ahhh. Much better.
You need a tumblr-style blog. This way, I would have something that repeatedly updates to constantly procrastinate with. Pleeeeeeeeeease?
Thing is, quite often just post links, videos or quotes from stuff I come across. The only thing to differentiate that from a 'proper' tumbleblog is the frequency (which, yeah, I should work on).

Plus, I've read the tumbleblog movement was back toward the time when people built their own blog sites. So, I think I'm right up there in that respect.