Last weekend we got hit by Stumbleupon:


The tiny blue values at the left of that chart (click to view a nicely expanded version) are our usual traffic. The red is what we got from Stumbleupon. Basically, we received as much traffic as we did in all of 2007 in a single day. And we're still getting quite a few loads, some 48-plus hours after the initial hit.

We've reached about 20,000 unique visitors and 50,000 page loads from the exposure. And it doesn't seem to be letting up.

It's the first time we've ever received any traffic at all from social networking sites. And it's really great to know people are reading (and some of them enjoying) the site.

So, big thanks to madlep, at for the thumbs up. Head over to his site for more TF2 news and hilarity.



Each vertical line of the large graph represents the number of requests in a ten minute period. So, that large initial spike represents about 12req/s.

Pretty pictures generated with a custom log parser and PEAR's Image_Graph. I might package it up and publish it on the DoubleMu projects list - it would seem to be pretty useful for short-term log analysis.
Congrats :) Glad to help out. The article was totally worth it.

Stumble upon is a huge source of traffic over at ubercharged as well. I tried Digg, Reddit etc, but they are too hard to get onto unless you game the system really hard, or get lucky. Stumble upon just seems to be much more balanced.

The annoying thing is though, that they figure out if you're stumbling your own sites, or the same site too often. I can stumble some sites (like this one), and kick off heaps of traffic. But if I stumble anything on ubercharged, nothing happens now (it used to work till I tripped off some filter though)