What's this? A new SJD album?

What's this? A new SJD album?

Came out yesterday according to SmokeCDs, and due out in two days time, according to the label. 's called Dayglo Spectres, and 's come completely out of left field for me (I should listen to bFM more, maybe).

's a neat promo video from roundtripmars, his label:

My bad routine is to take three years to make an album. And now my new good routine is to get people along to help, and take four months instead. It's going to be a glorious mess. Darkadelic!
Dayglo Spectres

Oh, and I just saw the video for Black is a Beautiful Colour for the first time. Hilarious.



Excited about the album.

Peeved about your stupid 's thing.
Out today (according to bFM ;) )
Hmm. Kinda disappointed. First impressions: a sparse Lost Soul Music. And different to everything he's done since then.