Youtube is good for more than just FOTC!!

Youtube is good for more than just FOTC!!

So I was browsing PA and I stumbled across this:

I don't normally read Tycho's posts, mainly because they are usually knee-deep in gamer lingo that I neither understand nor particularly care about. But this vid seemed wicked cool, and the guy explains it really well.



I don't like Tycho's writing style. It's not so much the gamer slang, but just that it's a dense, thick, frothy swathe of pomp. The sentences jump around from topic to topic. And they're so twisty I feel like a syntax contortionist, being led down the garden path to be put out of my misery - to be shot with the neighbour's rifle.

The paragraphs serve less as a means of structuring his writing, and more as giant chasms of separation, in style and content, that the reader is forced to leap over. I wish he'd give up and use bullet points.

I'm sure he's a fantastic dialogue writer. But I can't stand the way he deals with anything that isn't written a few words at a time.