Blamomatic Webcast

Blamomatic Webcast

We did notice the Blam Blam Blam gig at the Kings Arms was all wired up with mics, and wondered why. It seems the answer is this.

Awesome. Now if only they chunked it together into an MP3.


Grab VLC.
Download the asx, and open it in a text editor to extract the mms:// url.
Put that in the 'Open Network Stream' window in VLC.
Set your output module to 'File' and browse to where you'd like your .wav dumped.
Wait 43:39.
Encode to taste.

1. Battleship Grey 3:52
2. Blue Belmonts 6:00
3. Luxury Length 3:59
4. Talkback King 5:05
5. Beach on 42nd Street 7:19
6. Respect 4:17
7. Don't Fight It Marsha, It's Bigger Than Both of Us 7:15
8. There is No Depression in New Zealand 5:44

Noticeably absent:
- Doctor Who
- Call For Help
- Maids To Order
- Got to be Guilty