Steam Community

Steam Community

The beta of Steam Community is out. It looks interesting. I'd like to see more gameplay statistics, and I'm sure they're in the works. Here's my profile, anyway.

As part of the Community beta, you can also add shortcuts to your other games to your steam menu. Mildly pointless, now that I own most of my games on Steam, and given that Steam takes quite a while to start up - although, a Steam entry has appeared in my services management console, so it might not be slow for long.

Rather than add the icons of my (admittedly pirated) id games to Steam, I just bought their entire catalogue (minus, notably, Quake 4). And Company of Heroes (amazing), and Dawn of War (plus expansions). And Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. And it's only two months before I'm buying the Orange Pack. Valve must be raking it in.

But, really, they deserve it. I hate dealing with patches. Steam is just too damn convenient - at least for those of us with broadband.


Also, the 8.7 hours of DoD:S is Bernard. I don't have time.