It was a rainy day today, so Dad and I made a kontiki. We're going to try it out this weekend if the wind is right.

The plans for a keel were quickly scrapped

Almost finished
This is it, almost finished. The halyard attaches to the bottom strake, where the 'lolly mechanism' is. Yep, that's the technical term, because kontiki fishing is endemic to New Zealand (modern kite fishing is fairly endemic too).

The law, endearingly, says you have to mark surface floats (including kontiki) with your initials and surname. God forbid you put your whole first name on there.

We would name the kontiki itself, but the board already bears the name 'Slick Stick' (crappy Engrish marketing, don't ask me). And, seeing as it's square-sailed and against the mast, I didn't want to go through the hassle of backwinding it. At least the red colour will make it go faster.