Farewell to a Much Loved Friend

Farewell to a Much Loved Friend

Someone stole my mountain bike. I'm really really angry. It was padlocked to the side of the garage, not visible from the street. It's not like its worth that much, and it's not like I would have had the chance to ride it before I'd have had to sell it anyway before I move to Oz at the end of the year. But I feel violated, and I'm absolutely gutted. I've had that bike since I was in 6th form, and I've had so many good times with it. It feels like a part of me has been ripped out. If I ever come across the worthless sack of shit that took it, I'm gonna have to be held back. It's times like these that make me wonder why we don't have the death penalty, and why parole exists. There are people who are just not fit to live in our society, who have proved by their actions that they don't deserve to. Cowards and deadbeats who think that they can take someone else's property instead of earning their own. It wasn't a mistake when they stole my bike, it was premeditated, they didn't accidentally cut the padlock - why should they get a second chance instead of being held responsible for the consequences of the actions they have chosen? I'm not expecting to see my bike again, and I've given up hope that justice is going to be served here. I guess crime does pay, and I'm just the part of a minority who still want justice in a society increasingly tolerant of breaking the law. Goodby, Mountain Bike.


fuck. that totally sucks. however, i'm guessing you're lucky to be able to contemplate how fucking low people can go, without experiencing firsthand the atrocities of rape, murder, etc. and i hope you never have to.

"kick in the ass, it's comin', kick in the ass, a great big kick in the ass..."

good luck in australia, man. gonna miss you.