Oh no's! Not global warming...

Oh no's! Not global warming...

News is suppose to be objectional, so here it is whether you like it or not! (and you don't i know, but tough.)

Global warming kills people, not by rising temperatures, but by fearmongering which causes underdeveloped countries to remain underdeveoped. Enviromentalism causes continued poverty. Which i find ironic, but then again the white men never did like Africa.

I'll admit i was wrong about the Chinese navigator, it turns out it isn't proven. But the fact remains, the earth was 1.5 to 3 degrees warmer during the middle ages, and no false IPCC graph will change that. (It wasn't called Greenland for nothing.)

And when i want to learn about global warming i don't turn to a failed politician who can't even read graphs properly.

You want to end global warming right now? Then we all need to start putting more water in the freezer.. all of us, right now. See that will reduce overall water vapour in the atmosphere (the biggest greenhouse gas) and will also have a two timing effect because ice is cold. Ok problem solved.