In Awesome News...

In Awesome News...

The seventh, and final, season of Trailer Park Boys begain airing tonight. I'm totally on it. I've found a good torrent reposting site for TV shows - they're on there about ten minutes after the show finishes on TV. That means whoever is ripping must be encoding on the fly - pretty impressive technically when you consider that most of the rips are HDTV.

In other TV news, the final episode of BSG was as awesome. Those writers can nail their cliffhangers. It's a shame the middle of each season is weighty and boring. Keeping the scifi together, I was ready to hate Doctor Who's Martha, but the first episode of the season was surprisingly interesting.

LOST is labouring to this season's conclusion. Get it over with already. I'm sick of the others.


What's the link? I need (our) last week's episode of Gilmore Girls.