Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Can anyone else at UoA log in to, or is it just for Compsci students? Try it out for me. I get a page full of free (beer) software licenses, including links to generate a product key for Windows Vista Business and Windows XP Professional. The Vista license alone is worth an astonishing $728.

There are download links too, but they only work from on campus. That's not much trouble though - there are DVD burners on heaps of machines, and blank media is cheap.

Edit: Apparently this website works too - it might get you a product key if the MSDN site has run out. Read the instructions for logging in carefully (you have to prepend 'ec\' to your UPI). That one also has Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, with an RRP of about NZD$5400.


"You must be taking a paper in a department with a MSDN-AA subscription to access the MSDN-AA downloads."

I'll try on campus tomorrow.
Then through the ISOM website:

"The requested web page cannot be opened

Possible causes: Unauthorised user, timeout or logout."

Yeah, no free software for me.
Heh. I gots the access. I am taking COMPSYS406 among my mechatronics papers...