Can't Wait

Can't Wait

The first new Ozma album I've been able to go all fanboy over. I hope the title means we'll get to hear an Ozma version of Monstro's 'Dear Old Pasadena' - that would rock. They had this to say:
Does anyone else watch Mexican television? I mean specifically, Univision, more specifically, "La Fea Mas Bella," "Asi Es La Vida," or "Tres Mujeres"?? Cause I would have to say that these shows have really "fueled" the recording of our new album, particularly in the "mojo" department. You gotta tune in, trust me, you'll learn more Spanish too.
Eponine and No One Needs to Know will be on the album. They've been rerecorded. I'm particularly interested to hear how No One Needs to Know turns out, given that it's my least favourite song from the Russian Coldfusion EP. And they've been doing some collaboration with Rachel Haden (of Weezer's IJTOTLOMD fame). God damn exciting.

Apologies to anyone with a small screen.


if they're rerecording old ones, great! the album better be fucking loaded though. oh man oh man.