Vermes 0.9c

Vermes 0.9c

I've been working on Vermes - a fork of Gusanos - quite heavily over the last few days. The OpenAL patch is working nicely - it replaces a proprietary sound library in Gusanos. I did a bit of benchmarking today, and the results were excellent. This is firing a few larpas in Gusanos:
Gusanos 0.9c
Even though the frame rate reads 33 FPS, it actually drops to nothing temporarily. I just couldn't capture a screenshot of it then (because it isn't reponding). It reads 10 quite regularly. Yes, I did try their troubleshooting suggestion: no effect. So, this is firing a few larpas in Vermes, with the new sound library:
Vermes 0.9c
Doesn't even make a dent. 245 FPS is what it was doing before firing the larpas. About a ten fold improvement. Cool eh?!

I've just managed to get the new scons build system working in Windows, which will mean I can develop without booting into Linux. And it also means I can release Windows snapshots of what I've done so far. Because I haven't touched Zoidcom yet, these versions are compatible for network play with Gusanos - so there's no reason not to upgrade.

So, here's a download link. I've stripped out quite a few maps - feel free to move them in from your Gusanos directory if you'd like. Otherwise, happy fragging!

Download Vermes 0.9c for Windows (3.2MB)

Edit: I left a DLL out of the zip ('OpenAL32.dll'). The zip has since been updated, but you can get just the missing DLL if you'd rather not download the whole thing again. I'd love some testing, especially of the networking (I've only tested Vermes to Vermes network play).


Please let me know of any trouble you have. I suspect I might have left a few DLLs out of the zip.