The opening concert of AK07 is on the 10th of March. 'Groupe F', a group of French pyrotechnic artists, will be doing a display at Auckland Domain (Un Peu Plus de Lumière). They're the group behind the displays at the Olympics, the Football world cup, and the New Year displays in London. Don McGlashan and the Seven Sisters will be playing before nightfall.

It sounds like an awesome gig. I'm planning to go - anyone care to join me? Looks like the alcohol ban only extends to the end of Grafton Bridge, and I haven't been able to find anything about an event specific ban. I selfishly hope the event isn't well advertised.

Also, in looking up information about the alcohol ban, I've found out that it's fine to drink alcohol in the street for Trav's party next weekend. But if it were held on a Wednesday, you wouldn't want to walk up the hill with your drink.