LastYear Redux

LastYear Redux

I noticed a few inconsistencies in yesterdays figures. Like, Rubber Soul and Pet Sounds (both 1966) showing up in the Quilt, but not on the graph. So, I set about trying to increase the number of albums on the chart. There are two problems causing that to be less than fifty: some of the albums don't have MusicBrainz IDs in the feed, and some of the MusicBrainz releases don't have associated release events. So, I just did a manual search for album titles.

Turns out, Google isn't the best place to get album release information. For instance, I bought this album in 2001, apparently four years before its release.

Anyway, I've done charts for Justin and Alyx too, and put them on the same scale. Still missing 7~11 albums from each. I'll try to automate the process of finding release data, but I don't know where my other data feed will be. Perhaps freedb? But they've been really inaccurate each time I've used them (I can't even find Roll On from their search, let alone find the release date).

Dominic's top 39 albums by year
Justin's top 43 albums by year
Alyx's top 42 albums by year
It looks like, by anyone's estimation, 2004 was a good year for music.


Yes, that's a tool tip in the middle of Justin's graph. It says 'plot lines' - you know, in case you didn't know what those black horizontal things were.

There's no export function in Excel, and I couldn't find a nice graphing website that'd do the images for me.
Actually, I'm blind and it says 'Plot Area'.
Also, 800 x 600 users are really going to hate me. Oh well.
The Living End - Lining End/Roll On is a double album release that included all of the tracks from both the self titled album and the roll on album. The album you bought was The Living End - Roll On :P
Oh yeah. Well. That's crap.