Albums Over Time

Albums Over Time

34 top albums by year of release
Seeing as the new skin is up, I thought I'd do some web2.0 mashing of data. I took the top 50 albums from my profile. Then I grabbed the MusicBrainz metadata for each, and pulled off the release date (if it had one). That left me with 34 albums, and weighted them toward newer and more popular albums (unfortunately).

I scripted it all up quite nicely, so if you'd like me to run it across your profile, just drop me an email. Or, if there's enough demand, I'll release the (PHP) script over on DoubleMu. It should also, with a bit of tweaking, be possible to run this sort of analysis on the main charts.

I'd love to be able to do this with artists - I think it'd be quite a bit more accurate. But I don't know how to pin down a year for an artist. Should it be the year of their first release? The year they formed (not many (any?) artists have that data on MusicBrainz)? Half way from their first to their last release? Or perhaps a count for each year between their first and last?


How the fuck is The Postal Service - Such Great Heights still in the weekly top tracks _four_ years after release? Well, apparently something to do with a Dutch commercial.