Things I'm actually going to miss about Auckland

Things I'm actually going to miss about Auckland

So, I officially live in Wellington as of Sunday 17th February, 2008.
And while I cannot wait to live there, there are things I'm going to miss about Auckland. These include:
  • Not having a corner dairy. I've been going to one of the same three dairies FOREVER. Lambton Quay doesn't have 'dairies', neither does Gladstone Terrace and to walk to Kelburn is up a McMassive fecking hill. Sigh.
  • Big bands! Auckland gets Vector, Vector gets bands and I leave. ...No Foos! For the second time!
  • Terrible public transport and the fact that you can be running a few minutes late and it doesn't matter. Wellington transport runs on time. I'm going to have to learn to be punctual.
  • I can no longer claim the right to be a JAFA. I'll officially be a "commie art-fag".
So those are just a few. Or the few that have currently occurred to me.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to the move, though. I've lived in four houses, within a 7km circuit my entire life. I think Dom beats me, though - haven't you lived in the same house since you were born?

In other news, I'm no longer a high school student. Which should make most of you feel really old, considering that I met you in my 3rd/4th form - your last years of high school.


3 houses, within about a kilometre. Two on East Coast Rd (188, 130) and the current one.
Hey, we're going to become Wellingtonians at roughly the same time, though I'm moving earlier than you.

Ignore missing out on big bands at Vector. Save your money and see something or more than one thing awesome at the NZ International Arts Festival. Like Black Watch. That'll probably be louder than the Foos.
Lambton Quay does have an old-school Matamata-style lunch bar though. Sandwiches and pies.

And depending on how you get to uni, there is a dairy on the way - there's one on the corner of The Terrace and Salamanca Rd.
There is an awesome dairy in hataitai, although since i left he has probably gone out of business...

either that or he just has a huge stockpile of pepsi and dew he just has no idea on what to do about :S

one time he had been shut for an hour, and i knocked on the window and held up my 2 dollar coin. He opened up and sold me a bottle.... sigh, thats dedication