Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings

I'm in Ruakaka today. And tomorrow, I'll be in Parakai.

In the past few days I've finished Cat's Cradle, Breakfast of Champions and Watchmen. Next, I begin The Power and the Glory.

I have eaten sandwiches, salads, sausages, meatballs, noodles, chips, couscous, truffles (the chocolate kind), cake and trifle. I have drunk beer (incl. stout, dark lager, pale ale), wine (sparkling, white, red, pink), water, advocaat.

I have written down the premises of four dreams I have had. I sleep more than ten hours a day.

I have had two ideas for novels. One involves the subversion of a corrupt government by formerly allied nations. I haven't decided which nations: America coming to the rescue of Winston Smith, or a British-French assassination attempt upon a SuperNixon. Both seem fun. The other idea I have forgotten.



One of our hosts had Breakfast of Champions, but I didn't get far through it before we moved on. I think I have a chance with Voltaire's Candide though, since it's pretty short and I still have a few days left. The books I brought with me were your Slaughterhouse 5 and a two volume of Virgil...