In Bwahahaha News

In Bwahahaha News

The SpikeTV Video Game Awards 2007 have a "most addictive game category". It's sponsored by Mountain Dew. And because of the stupid fuelled/pumped/cranked metaphors the MD guys are using, the category is named:

Most Addictive Game Fuelled by Mountain Dew

...just like that. All in one sentence, as if the game is fuelled, not the award. Of course, Halo 3 had to make it to the nominations - it was, in fact, the only game this year that had a fucking soft drink named after it.



GotY was Bioshock. Boo. They won, and rightly deserved, the award for best original score.

Portal got breakthrough technology. And The Orange Box got best PC game. I'm sure they're just experiencing Two Towers Syndrome.

TF2 was curiously absent.
maybe becuause TF2 was curiously average?