Radiohead - In Rainbows

Radiohead - In Rainbows

Holy fuck:


The digital downloads come out on October 10 - the same date as the Orange Box and the new Winamp. God damn. That's the whole 10/10 thing I guess. Up until yesterday the rumours said the release would probably be March 2008, due to the semaphore-like 'Worm Buffet' code on Dead Air Space that read "MARCH/WA/X" (apparently, to wax means to print a vinyl).

The digital downloads are priced at £x, where x is a number (greater than or equal to zero(!) that) you determine. Yes, it's up to you. Yes, it's really up to you.

The disk box contains the digital download, the album CD, a bonus CD, and the vinyl version of the album, on two 'heavyweight' 12-inch records, plus the album art, lyrics booklets and a 'hardback book' to keep it all in. It's £40. Trav, Tom: get this one.



I gave 6 pounds. Because I plan on buying the CD when it comes out anyway.