I'll hit the bottom and escape.

I'll hit the bottom and escape.

A lot of references to Faust. Mephistopheles etc.

Bodysnatchers is a Pablo Honey throwback. With better production. I want to know what they're doing with the two guitars that aren't doing the constant fuzz in the background; they're very in-your-face. Nice. Someone on one of the fan boards mentioned there might have been an EBow in there (certainly used in other albums). Which reminds me: Mark Bell was using one at the Blam Blam Blam concert two weeks ago.

The first few seconds of Faust Arp sound like Lennon's solo stuff. Both Yorke's voice, and the guitar. Like something between Blackbird and Working Class Hero (I refuse to acknowledge a cover of that song ever took place. Isn't it Yoko's job to pout and stop that sort of thing happening?).

There's no doubt it's Radiohead though. I think they might have their own little harmonic thing they do, but I have yet to isolate it. I all seems very familiar.

Nude is a very nice song. I like how clear the clean guitar, sitting above the simple bass line is. Reminiscent of HTtT, but the noise (orchestra, acoustic, drone) is held off and restrained. Nice.

Ride rhythm at the end of Reckoner is cool. Something I heard at first, then forgot about: at 2:50, we have "in rainbows", drawn out, in the background. Awesome. Also, all the lyrics you'll find on fan sites are wrong, because they refer to the old version of the song. I'm 90% sure Thom is singing "ripples on a black shore", not "it ripples our reflections" (final 10% certainty due in December).

House of Cards is electro-reggae. But nothing like dub. I just mean the slow offbeat groove, the delay on the vocal track, and the lyrics (global warming?). Echoes of Whispers by Coldplay in one part.

Videotape is my favourite track so far. They have a habit of putting the a good song last on their albums (Kid A, Amnesiac, HTtT). It bears a passing similarity to Neon Bible (the song).