Foxxy Cleopatra?

Foxxy Cleopatra?

I don't know how many people are Firefox users, but have any of you seen this: ?

Sounds pretty cool. Its probably a little late to enter now, but if anyone has seen it or entered I'd be dead keen to hear about your plans.

Oh, and I turned 18 yesterday.


My sticker:

text browsing ftw (except when you're trying to post on S.E.)

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When I enabled links in comments I screwed up: html tags are meant to be stripped from comments, so that people can't do session stealing and drive-by javascript attacks. I've fixed that.

The upshot is that you can't use <pre> tags any more. Besides which, the problem with the double line-breaks is because new lines (\n) are replaced by <br />. And apparently <br /> is still interpreted within a <pre>.
Lame. Liking the new stuff tho

Haha! and I can't post under trav beecause that name is already in use.
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I reset your password. Is it still some religious thing, that you don't log in?
I guess so; I don't have to now, so it doesn't matter, unless the moderation is a pain (?). So no ascii art at all?
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I set your password to your old email domain, minus the TLD. No, you don't have to now, but you don't get to edit posts, which is the killer app for logins.

If you really want ASCII art, just create a skin that uses monospaced fonts (courier, etc.).