I'm afraid I've started fetishising firearms. I mean, guns are pretty fucking cool. Wait, wait, don't get angry. I'm just fascinated. They are the marriage of technology and design, with such an incredible intensity of purpose - it's evident in every line. Small, sleek and black.

They make the perfect fetish item. There's a taxonomy, for a start. Technical details, fascinating in their depth. In New Zealand, or at least with my upbringing, they also have the aura of taboo. They're forbidden. (In the) now, in the world I was born into, there was never a distinction, an edge, between violence and sexuality and technology and pain. The car-crash orgasm and the pull of a trigger. The warm afterglow in the barrel...

I'm torn. I can see how they (I wince even at the word) are certainly horrific and cold and a nasty semiotic geist of humanity. Perhaps you could call my interest scientific - but not detached. And I absolutely support gun regulation and restriction. Really, to put things in perspective, I will never own a gun. I have never even held a firearm, let alone fired one.

But I still can't help my admiration of the damn things. Or, perhaps, of Colt and Browning and Enfield and Lee and, holycrap, Garand. I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy.

Some time soon: the concept of what I might call the 'meld' (the term is in use, but I think the idea is compelling enough to steal the usage). Perhaps someone can help me find if there are implementations done already? Probably under something like spacial/relational blogging? I guess it'll make more sense when I explain it.


Does anyone know how I can indicate that an 'e' is to be pronounced /i:j/? Or, equivalently, how I can indicate that an 'e' is to be pronounced the way the letter E is named? (it seems easy enough to get it sounding like the name of the letter A)
Use IPA. Seriously. Just use IPA.

Or write "'ee' as in 'fee'".