It's only a number

It's only a number


I thought it was legal for me to post this number because I'm a New Zealander. Well, turns out that section 226 of the current Copyright Act (1993?) might ban it. It depends whether the number can, itself, be considered a means of circumvention of a 'technological protection measure', and then it also depends on whether that protection is for copying. If the measure is just for protecting access (which I think this one is), then it may or may not be illegal (but a similar section did apply when it was tested in UK courts).

I was under the impression that we didn't have any stupid laws regarding components used in devices with the intention of circumventing copyright. Of course, there's that bill before Parliament to fix the whole ambiguity, and make it overwhelmingly clear that this number is illegal (with up to a $150,000 penalty, or three years in jail). So, shit.
The line between personal use and commercial use also gets very blurry, very quickly. If personal use can be argued to have commercial implications [or] if one merely communicates information about the structure of encryption codes to others, who then use that for commercial or criminal purposes [then] the chain of liability seems very unclear. Presumably, one cannot be held criminally liable for the end uses of digital information by others.
This insightful speech is the only reason I'm seriously considering voting Green next election. See the tally at the bottom? 113 ayes. The only party to vote against it was the Greens. They're pretentious and scary but, holy crap, at least Nandor (to his credit) knows a stupid idea when he sees one.


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It was a safe bet to post even before the controversy (I think I posted it before digg stuff _really_ got started. Maybe?).

I certainly prefer the colour version (with the hex codes corresponding to html colour codes). But I can't see how they got the 16 digits into groups of three (and CMYK sucks).
Well, not such a safe bet it turns out. Anyway, I found out that the prevailing fashion is to repeat the 16th byte three times, producing a lovely grey for the last colour.
if you think it is unsafe to post the numbers now, and that somehow, the justice system finds a way to punish millions and millions of people, then my hat goes off to them and i would suffer the consequences, because that will be a feat never before heard of!
It is unsafe to post them, even now. If you're an American citizen, that is. The DMCA makes sure of that. For the legal background, read this:

And, yes, AACS-LA have promised to go after every instance they can. Any why wouldn't they? After the first successful prosecution it's an easy $200 - $2500 each time.

The reason I feel safe in posting it is that I'm a New Zealand citizen. So, I'm not bound by the DMCA. SE is hosted in the US, so, technically a takedown notice could force the hosting provider into shutting the site down. If that happens I can just look at hosting in New Zealand.
Well, I found out we have something pretty similar to the DMCA laws regarding DRM, but less extensive. Edited the story.