Andy Guthrie

Andy Guthrie

I've been listening to Andy Guthrie recently. Jazz/blues influenced guitar and piano, that slightly overused voice sound, great songwriting and insightful lyrics - he also plays the Wurlitzer (it's not just a jukebox brand). Unfortunately, your options for listening to his work online are limited - iTunes isn't in New Zealand (yet, and I won't complain any less when it is) - so, while I'm in the process of buying his CDs from the (seriously cool) CD Baby (three of them - $5 each!), here's a way to listen to the very cool You Be King for free:

  1. Download the sample mp3 from Andy Guthrie's discography.
  2. Go download Escape Pod - episode 58. (MP3 link) - It's a hefty download, but the upside is that you get the audio of the very very awesome Shadowboxer by Paul Di Filippo, a creepy present-day scifi whatifilicious story (Cory Doctorow liked it, but if you know who he is you'll have listened to it already).
  3. Listen to the first two minutes of the first mp3 and the last six minutes of the second mp3.

I'd tell you to open them in your favourite audio editor but that would, of course, be making an illegal derivative of both mp3s (Escape Pod is CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs).