XCCR is rather interesting. First check out the site. Then check out the readme.txt, found in the images directory. It also appears to have some links to New Zealand - the contact on the domain whois is at, and it's hosted in NZ.

Pretty much what's been established so far is that 227664 is a fairly important number - it's the only one that decrements the number in the top left. Entering any other number will eventually show a grid (with holes in sections) at the bottom, which has apparently been getting more filled in, and will randomly ask 'ARE YOU HE?'. If you get to the grid by entering 227664 there's also a flashing cell.

The number at the top centre of the page is apparently a position in the grid, in binary, labelled starting at 01, from top to bottom then left to right. Apparently by being the person to enter 227664 ten minutes after the last successful enter, you are shown a set of keys labelled 1 to 4, pointing in the cardinal directions. By then typing 1 to 4 you can change the binary number at the top, in a way that would be consistant if you were moving a position in the grid. Possibly. Maybe not. It's worth noting that the binary number does not correspond to the flashing square - perhaps that's the goal.

So, as far as a Google search can tell, this puzzle hasn't been solved yet. Good luck. If you've arrived here from a search, you'll want to make sure you're viewing this page.


I've been decoding <a href=""></a>, similar to <a href=""></a> which only just appeared on my version of the page.

It's two 25 pixel wide images, interlaced in widths of 5 pixels, and indexed to weird colours. I knew I'd seen some of the text before, and sure enough the images are strips taken from the following two sites - pretty much the only places people have made an effort to solve the puzzle:

<a href="">http://forums.u...php?p=238898</a>
<a href="">http://www.sos-...ead.php?t=44</a>
I get ARE YOU HIM? Sometimes..
Yeah, that's pretty normal.
Now there's a message: "Everyone is doing it well, hence record ensured done with broken counts. If you hoping of some hint to find him, these must look past skin deep. Smash each five px. You shall find it."
Well, this is interesting. Check out <a href="">http://www.xccr...progress.txt</a> - looks like I got a bit of a credit: 10364 is my user ID on the unfiction forums, and 18-May-2006 08:42 is the date and time I posted the other half of the meaning to i0.gif

Looks like there's a few things we've missed about i1.gif and i2.gif though: they're listed as not fully solved.
And I just got another credit in the progress log for noticing the fact that a y was replaced by a v and a 5 by an s.
Oh, and I do believe this is the 1000th news post!
Spent a lot of time recently juggling the letters in <a href=""></a> around. I thought perhaps you could use a 5px chunking proccess, similar to the way i0.gif is decoded, to get a different message. Hasn't turned up anything so far.

Justin suggested that the two tranformations (5->s, y->v) given in i1.gif might have something to do with decoding i2.gif. Interesting idea.
i2 has been solved, alas not by me, leading to a chase around Slashdot user profiles.