Want to make a quick buck?

Want to make a quick buck?

If you're looking for a easy way to make a bit of money, go looking for Raspberry Coke. It turns out New Zealand is the only place in the world where Raspberry coke was sold. And, since it was discontinued at the end of last year, coke fanatics overseas are looking to collect it. Wikipedia reports that bottles have sold for around US$10 on online auction sites!

The only problem is getting your hands on some. Supermarkets won't do: your best bet would be the local dairy, where the turnover isn't that high. They seem to be pretty available on the shelves, but once a store run out that's it - and hopefully people will stay unaware of this and just drink what they buy to get the scarcity up.


Just picked up 3 600ml bottles and 1 1.5L from the local dairy. I think I'll hoard them until they get closer to their expiry date (June), to let some of the sales drop on Ebay. They'll probably still go up in value after the expiry, as long as Coke doesn't sell them anywhere else. And for some reason, most of the people selling them on Ebay are in the UK, even though I'm pretty sure it was never sold there.