Stuff Of Next To No Consequence

Stuff Of Next To No Consequence

There was news..when I checked in for like the millionth time. Yay for news!

So I'm back at school. And sixth form isn't going to suck total nads. With the exception of Maths, I have interesting subjects and decent teachers. So hooray for that.

That's pretty much all I had to say, except I totally found that SE badge, that you made me Dom for my 15th birthday. Out of capacitors and wires and stuff? Yeah. Mum found it when they did a 10 day detox on my room (It took them four days to get everything out, 2 to paint it and another four to sort through all the junk and then put it back togehter) and she put it into a box so it doesn't get damaged.

But yeah. Oh, and I'm totally hooked on Panic! At The Disco. And I have tonsilitis. And Dawn of the Dead is a pointless movie.



The pointlessness of (the remake of, particularly,) Dawn of the Dead is what makes Shaun that much better.
Rolling Stone: "Meet emo's new wave. Panic! at the Disco, the Las Vegas quartet signed by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz to his new Decaydance label, follow FOB's songwriting formula: scathing lyrics about slutty ex-girlfriends and the lameness of the music industry, sung by frontman Brendan Urie, who's got the sensitive-boy vocal quiver down pat."
Sounds like my kind of band.
ugh! (at the Disco)

lucky you got to keep your room and your stuff.
i've been deported to the hallway and all my stuff's in Closet Quarantine

t r a v
T: Yeah, trav didn't appreciate toni and me introducing him to Panic!. But *whisper* I'm with you on this Alyx.
Hey what, why do I get the T: introduction?
I don't know. Perhaps because you included the word 'trav' with the lowercase t, even though it's only supposed to look at the end of the sentence for that. And trav puts spaces in now.
Oh, get your tonsils removed. It cuts your problem with them short, means it won't happen again, you get to eat icecream and jelly for ages, and heck, you might even get a story written about you!
Jelly?! She's got tonsilitis and you're talking about JELLY????
It took a week before dr. dom correctly diagnosed me. Never having had problems with my tonsils before, I thought it was some weird ear infection. I gargled with salt water and it was gone in a day. Thanks again, dom.