Livin' on the smell of an oily ra...t

Livin' on the smell of an oily ra...t

A recent New Zealand Herald article discusses techniques used by 'student scammers' to save money. Some of them are quite good:
  • Avoided paying $18 to go up the Sky Tower by booking for the tower restaurant then cancelling.
  • Flew Air NZ domestic on reduced rates by booking child tickets (under 12) on the internet, getting their boarding passes electronically and carrying hand luggage only.
While others are just terribly unoriginal:
  • Used a "return to sender" ploy to send letters without stamps.
I thought the article was pretty entertaining until I came across the typical xenophobic angle squeezed into a single paragraph:
Co-editor Lincoln Tan, who wrote the story, said all but one of the scammers were Chinese on student or temporary work permits.
Wow. That's amazing. Especially considering that the newspaper Tan edits (iBall) is specifically aimed at foreign students. Looks like I'm the one 'scammer' that isn't a Chinese student.


New Zealand Post spokesman Ian Long said the company "would like to think that 99.99 per cent of the population are honest and would pay for a service they are looking for".

pfft.. tried that: maybe it costs extra to recognize greek street names. I'll stick to the 5 cent postage scam.

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