How not to redesign Google

How not to redesign Google

These proposed Google front-page redesigns are awful. Truly awful. I particularly don't like Shepard Fairey's attempt - the blue one, third from the top. It's done in that shite faux pulp printing style that just doesn't translate well on the web: it's bad enough that you can't buy clothing without that sort of ink stain crap on it, I don't care for websites with the same shit all over them.

Then there's the brilliant comments Fairey makes about his design: "...the number Google is finite, but it's so large that it is infinite for all practical purposes". The number is a googol and, yes, it requires an article - it's like 'hundred' or 'thousand', you can't just talk about googol, you need to say a googol. No, it's not a proper noun. And while it's not a practical unit (there's less than a googol of particles in the universe) it's missing the whole ethos and spirit of Google to snort and casually mention that impractically big and infinite are, you know, like, the same thing, maaan.

Grrrrr. Shut up, Fairey. Shut up! Fucking contemporary graphic designers. Take your post-modern sticker art and shove it up your arse. Take your ponsy 'blkmrkt', medium/message, popuping, flash-laden post-gen bullshit and shove it up your aaaaarse. I hate you.


I double dare you to AfD the Shepard Fairey article.

I'm chickens--t.