A Challenge

A Challenge

Well, now that we're all at university (you can't take two consecutive steps without bumping into someone you know first week back on campus) and we can't do the United States flag out of bottle caps in the mat at high school anymore, I've decided on the next project.
Hell, everyone loves dew and everyone loves dew out of the can, so save 'em up!

On another note: Tonight I heard on ConcertFM a piano trio do a version of 'Velouria'. It was awesome.

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It's, it's my HEART!
Okay, so this is obliterating any facade of a budget which I probably didn't have, but I'm persisting. So far it's 96 cans arranged in square-based tower: two 5X5s, two 4X4s, a 3X3, a 2X2 and a slightly crushed one on top.
Can't wait 'til I get payed. So far it's been mostly I, but thanks to those who've thrown a can in here or there.

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