Life's burning questions Part II.

Life's burning questions Part II.

More of the same.



Hello Sailor: I think they were known to be pretty rowdy back in the day. In any case, they're friends with The Wests these days, aren't they?

Sir: He's a freakin' member of The Most Noble Order of the Garter, so named because he ceremoniously removes HM the Queen's garter with his teeth, three times a year, and at special occasions. Let's say they've long been on first name terms (she calls him Ed). And as we've already established, the Queen can, and will, take on anyone but the Sex Pistols. Hillary doesn't stand a chance.

The girls: Because P'dad is a girl at heart, only without the 'power' bit, you see.

Hobo: If Bum Fights 7 has taught me anything, it's that reed players are no match for the pure unadulterated (indeed, unbridled - hoboes make good work beasts) power of homeless people. Percussionists (that's Bum versus Drum...mer) are in Bum Fights 8 - haven't seen it yet.

Europe: They've done it before, they'll do it again! It'll be just like the Winter of 333BC.

Korea: Once Korea declares war on you, well, you're probably pretty safe really. It's just that they'll never, ever end the war. Any lowly courier will be dead and buried before long, and Korea will win by default.
A Mysterious Unknown
dis wos me k thx bai
Sailor Moon, because she's a boom anime babe.

Ed, because he's Knight, and Senator isn't a chess piece.

P Diddy, 'cause he keeps his pimp hand strong.

Hobo because I'm guessing he's had those ninja lessons by now..

Europe because its the FINAL COUNTDOWN.

Which Korea are we talking about here?
The walk-hand-in-hand-at-the-opening-ceremony-of-the-Sydney-Olympics Korea.