Just following up on the fibre network story; the network is going to be integrated into KAREN - the Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network.

This reminds me of the internet in the eighties, before the Eternal September. Not that I was there, of course. Just the progression of research and education networks into something for the wider public has precedence1. Maybe in twenty years time we'll have access to a fibre network.


1. Be careful when you're using the reference resources at One of the first links on the page is to the 'Oxford Reference Collection'. This collection has something called the Oxford Dictionary of English, but this is not the Oxford English Dictionary. You have to click on LEARN's 'Language Dictionaries', then 'Oxford English Dictionary'. So, while the ODE only gives "the right of preceding others in ceremonies and social formalities", the OED gives the meaning I was looking for, tells me Shakespeare used it ("An epilogue or discourse to make plaine / Some obscure precedence that hath tofore bin saine"), and lists the modern meaning as spec.


KAREN is a next generation telecommunications link for New Zealand educators, researchers, innovators and Dom.

It provides high capacity, ultra high-speed connectivity between New Zealand’s tertiary institutions, research organisations, libraries, schools, museums and Dom's house, and the rest of the world.

Any member can connect through KAREN to any other member or to collaborators on other advanced networks internationally. Including Dom.

Members’ research partners can also connect to KAREN for collaborative research and education purposes.

New Zealand researchers and educators and Dom need KAREN to

* exchange large volumes of warez quickly
* gain access to large scale national and international infrastructure, and
* collaborate better on playing X-Moto at a distance.


The research, education and innovation objectives of KAREN are:

* To enable leading edge e-research
* To facilitate universal connectivity throughout the New Zealand and international research and education community
* To encourage broad participation by the research and education sector in New Zealand through accessible technology and reasonable pricing
* To connect the research and education sector to Dom's house
* To facilitate participation by multiple telecommunications sector partners to ensure the greatest possible flexibility for ongoing evolution of species.


KAREN’s capabilities are at the leading edge of information and communications technology development.

Data can be transferred through KAREN at up to 10 gigabits a second (100,000 times the speed of what is strictly necessary for X-Moto) enabling seamless two-way interaction and almost instantaneous sharing of warez over long distances.

This has opened exciting new frontiers for Dom, as well as New Zealand’s research, education and innovation sectors.

For example, KAREN enables New Zealand geologists and geophysicists to access sensor data from fault lines around the world; 3D terrain modellers to collaborate on international mapping projects; students in New Zealand lecture theatres to participate in interactive video lectures with experts anywhere in the world; and Dom to download terabytes of horse pr0n.

KAREN will also ensure that New Zealand universities have access to technology on a par with the rest of the world, and can continue to attract the best international staff and students. Cause you just know Dom is f--king off overseas first chance he gets.
teehee, "warez"

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