Gusanos Fork

Gusanos Fork

I've started that Gusanos fork I kinda mentioned in earlier news items. It turns out that Gusanos is in technical violation of the GPL (for linking with proprietary libraries), on top of the fact that linking with fmod and zoidcom is far too hard.

Someone on the Gusanos forums mentioned they already had a fmod to OpenAL patch, which will be helpful. And, so far, I've greatly simplified the SCons build process (which previously didn't work with new versions of SCons). The harder thing will be to remove the zoidcom dependencies, because zoidcom is a pretty high level library. OpenTNL is the leading contender, I think - that's the library that powered Tribes and Tribes 2! RakNet looked good, but it annoyingly uses Creative Commons licensing; I don't think they fully grasp the advantages of the GPL if you're multi-licensing.

I'll give SVN details in just a bit - I'm doing some major refactoring this afternoon.

SVN details: - let me know if that works. You'll need the svn client if you're planning to pull off anything but the odd single file. It still needs fmod (in /usr/lib _and_ /usr/local/lib!), and zoidcom, but it's already much easier to build.


I don't mean to be rude but, what the hell does that mean?
It means I'm making a cool game that looks just like liero (<a href="">http://en.wikip...g/wiki/Liero</a>). And that it will be more excellent than some other game that looks just like liero.
Oh wicked - good job!