Trav found Gusanos. I'm very, very excited about it. It's a Liero clone - of a breed I've never seen before. The look is there, the feel is there. The blood and gore is there. It's fantastic.

Until you try to use it in Linux

I've got half a mind to fork the damn thing. It uses Scons (badly) to build. An old version of scons. Heaven forbid you use a moderately up to date one - it'll bork on you. There's no source available alongside the releases, meaning you have to grab from CVS every time. Not only that, but the releases aren't tagged in CVS, so, without asking around, you can't build a stable version. It uses two proprietary libraries (for sound and networking), one of which is hardly well known. The documentation is fairly good, but out of date with the CVS - so, you end up with references to a library known only as 'z' in the current build, and no mention of what or where it is (Edit: It's libz!). Then, you most of the way through a build and have to remove 'PlayerOptions::' from a line.

Basically, the reason this pisses me off is that it could be as easy as 'apt-get install gusanos' if it didn't use those proprietary libraries. Hell, it could be configure, make, make install!

Anyway. I'm trying to get a dedicated server going. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Darryl, this is what we dreamed of all those years and late nights ago. Dom's got his dedicated server up, all we need now is other worms whose guts I can splatter across my screen.

t r a v
right on!

i had a go last night with dom, i owned him for my first go but he still got the winning hand.

nice work dom, but next time youll lose
T: Tom: told darryl about gusanos, he was all wtf why didn't trav tell me
I: I did! I told heather to tell him
Tom: looks like she's screening his gaming

when do I get a game? what's this rebel gig? 9-5? never see you online. also, lemme know when you're free for a few days of straight drinking, me kicking your ass at handball, and all night liero matches

t r a v