Happy Birthday Trav. The rest of the post has nothing to do with it being your birthday. You can stop reading now.

There's a few of us playing xmoto, so, I thought I'd start up a private room for us to compare records. Private rooms were introduced in one of the newer versions of xmoto, so, if you're me, you'll have to update to see them. Edgy Eft's version of the game has them. The setup is a little complicated. It goes a little something like this:
  • Ask Justin, Tom, or I for a username and password - I think this sucks, but I guess that's where the 'private' part comes from
  • Go here, select the room 'xmoto-psp' from the drop down, type your login details and hit 'Change of room'
  • Fire up the game, go to 'Options', 'WWW' and then the 'Rooms' sub-tab (the sub-tab kinda slips your gaze - up the top, just under the other tabs)
  • Hit 'Update Rooms', select 'xmoto-psp' from the list, type your login details at the right, then hit 'Save' at the bottom. Nothing apparent will happen until you click 'Check WWW'.
  • Now you're in the room, and the world records in the 'Levels' window should be replaced by records by us lot (not by some insane guy named 'jj'). For extra fun, set your ghost options to show the highscore of the room. You can upload your high scores (if they're better than ours) from the 'View Replays' menu, and you'll be given the option to whenever you get a new high score.
Edit: You should be able to ask anyone who's already joined up for account details.


X-Moto is the motherplucking devil. It's been the most distracting thing to avoid uni deadlines... rather important uni deadlines... like ones that ensure I'll graduate...

pluck YOU JUSTIN!!! (and Dom)
phew, glad i emerged unscathed from that hellfire. probably won't make it through these exams though. i think i've failed something already. torus trooper got me through last semester. i hope there's an x-moto god up there looking down on me. now back to level 18 for the 800th time...
Looks like Julian is the champ. I'm a second or two behind on most levels, but goddamn, if those aren't the hardest second or two to peg back.
The plurals in that sentence...

I was just trying to avoid 'second or twos', I guess. Yuck.