So how much do I want to be the brains behind this little operation?

I'll give you a clue: it's a lot.



Loving the photo of clueless bra-showing chick trying to work her iDeath. (Brautigan, my hero! Onto it before it began)

t r a v
Eww: "18% own a mac"

Oh, well. Online advertising just doesn't affect me much. Well. I see it once, and then after that it's Adblocked. I must be one of those reasons why it's so notoriously hard to market to wealthy young influencers. Yeah. Sure.

Actually, I think this whole company reeks of paedophobia - something that's becoming a bigger issue than it's ever been, with the world aging and all.
Well, sorry. I've found that the term is ephebiphobia, a neologism but surely more accurate. We'll see if it catches on. I'm not sure why it's ephebi- not ephebo-; ephebos/epheboi are accurate, and both seem to be referred to by the existing word 'ephebophilia', while ephebi/ephebe are the Anglicised versions, and only one is used for the new word. The inconsistency leads me to suspect bad journalism, of the 20/20 or 60 minutes variety. There's also hebephobia, which is probably easier to remember.

Mosquito anyone? (<a href="">http://en.wikip...The_Mosquito</a>)